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Join our SUBSCRIPTION ELITE mastermind community with training resources and done-for-you services to help entrepreneurs to generate recurring revenue online.

Even if you’ve never created a subscription offer before!

SUBSCRIPTION  E L I T E is for entrepreneurs who yearn to create, monetize, and grow recurring revenue streams in their online business through subscription products and services while turning customers into thriving subscribers!

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The subscription economy is upon us & growing rapidly as the #1 business model adapted by more entrepreneurs and companies to dominate their market.  

Subscription-based and recurring revenue business models are in vogue, for practically every type of product.

Michal Lev-Ramm, Fortune


Entrepreneurs need a place they can collaborate, focus, and get help from to accomplish their needs.  We provide a next generation learning platform to create, market, & sell subscription products or services.  Our mission is to be the very best place entrepreneurs come to rise their online business through the subscription economy.

SUBSCRIPTION ELITE is here to truly serve our members to rise above their competitors leveraging our unique approach to best serve them to help drive recurring revenue in their business.

I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout the years, they all want recurring revenue.  We are 100% committed to being their #1 source to help them do so with our next generation platform and approach.



Our Elite mastermind community is the heartbeat. It’s where like-minded entrepreneurs engage, inspire, & collaborate on creating, marketing, & selling subscriptions products or services to generate recurring revenues in their business. Communities need active leaders, Dean will be there helping, sharing, showing, & advising!


Access to video tutorials, monthly live & recorded workshops with recurring revenue industry experts, monthly Q&A sessions, and monthly live coaching Skypes. We’re going to keep you on the subscription economy pulse by starting our members with full access to 6 months to our growing library with the most recent RECURRING REVENEWS stories with our best tips to create, market, and sell subscriptions!  Each story was hand-picked and read from first to last word to ensure our members get only the very best info to leverage,


Whoa!  We are breaking the mold from traditional learning membership sites and going way beyond that to provide a way for all Elites to get something we know they all want and need! Freeing up your time! Remove the worry trying to figure everything out to get done in your business. Let our experts take care of it for you. Purchase what you need from our done-for-you Subscription Elite Store. We will open with social media, marketing automation, web design, and copywriting. We gotcha covered!


Subscription Elite membership offers Done-For-You Expert Services

In the best selling book E-Myth by Michael Gerber, he calls out the critical difference between entrepreneurs working in their business and working on their business.

In order to have a thriving business, entrepreneurs seek services they need to get any number of important tasks done in their business because they either don’t have the time or expertise to do so.

To solve this dilemma we are opening our Subscription Elite Store containing Expert Services so our members don’t have to either attempt to do everything themselves or search around the web wondering who can provide a service for them they can trust.

Our done-for-you Expert Services are available to all members through our upcoming Subscription Elite Store to purchase or subscribe to whenever they need someone else with trusted expertise to get it done right.

Our Subscription Elite Store is available so you can spend time working on your business while we work in it!

Here’s a general overview with some examples we are planning to have available on January 1st when our Subscription Elite Store opens:

  • Social Media – handling some or all your social media accounts including posting fresh content by our team
  • Marketing Automation – implementing marketing and sales processes in your business such as sales campaigns, opt-in sequences with your tools such as MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, and others
  • Web Design – we’ll create a beautifully designed sales page and have it up on your website or perhaps you want your entire website redesigned to truly reflect your branding to attract and engage your ideal customers
  • Copywriting – could you use sales copy created for you for your next email opt-in or sales product launch?  Or perhaps you are recording a video and need a script written to nail your message to the viewers?  Or perhaps you’re planning to do a webinar to launch your next subscription offer, how about a big time saver to have all that copy written for you?
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Create, Monetize, & Grow

Subscription Revenues in YOUR Business

Exciting results-oriented community & resources for entrepreneurs.

Learn how to grow your profitable business by creating, marketing, & selling subscription products and services!


We’ve Closed The Doors To Focus With Our Elites To Generate Their #1 Recurring Revenue Goals By June 9th!

We Will Open The Doors Again Later This Year.

Here’s To Your Recurring Success!


Dean Patino


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subscription elite membership